New Years Eve 2013 at Village Pourhouse Hoboken

About this adventure
It's no secret that New York City is one of the most sought after destinations for New Year's Eve in the nation. But ask any local and they'll tell you that they try and look for a bit of an escape around this time of the year. Not because they don't enjoy the millions of visitors that descend upon the city, but because they've been there, and they've done that. Just across the river lies a popular city in New Jersey that boasts one of the best bar scenes in the nation - Hoboken. On any given weekend loads of New Yorkers visit Hoboken for an awesome night out on the town, and it's the same case when New Year's Eve 2013 comes around. One of the top bars in Hoboken that's constantly delivering great experiences is the Village Pourhouse, and if you thought that they weren't going to have another stellar New Year's Eve party this year in Hoboken, think again.

They'll be featuring eats from their delicious menu and music to keep the atmosphere at the level where it should be. Club, lounges and hotels may get packed on New Year's Eve all over New York and New Jersey, but you can't compare the time you'll have at those overrated establishments with the unique experience that the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken delivers on a daily basis. This New Year's Eve 2013 party at the Pourhouse will be one to remember.

Village Pourhouse Hoboken
205 First Street
Hoboken, NJ

*Table sizes can be customized for any group - Please email for information!

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